Big things are done by a series of little things that come together

Vincent van Gogh


Ben Ami Vision

“Ben Ami Gallery – Social Gallery” The name indicates the goals of the gallery. Our motto was and still is, “Social Gallery”. We are not interested in a gallery licked for tourists and the rich, it is not us. We are interested in the story of people, the joy of fulfilling a dream. With us, every exhibition deals with the subject, not an eclectic collection and not exploding names. Our gallery is not just a space to display artwork. We decided in advance, Dudi and Hagit, that the gallery would buy its uniqueness in that it would also contribute to society, connect different types of arts and give a stage to the values we believe in. This is connected to our desire to do something with additional meaning, which will connect Hagit’s abilities and actions with community action, through the fields of art in which she is engaged.

Hagit Ben-Ami – I studied acting at Tel Aviv University, I am a graduate of acting at the Beit Zvi High School of Performing Arts, I have a BA in non-formal education, and I am a certified therapist licensed by the Ministry of Health in Drama and Art. I have acted in many shows, and in commercial and television productions and various commercials. I studied eight years of sculpture and stonework and six years of nude drawing at the Painters’ Association with Harold Robin. I have participated in dozens of exhibitions, including solo exhibitions in Israel and around the world, in which I have mainly presented sculpture works. My uncle Dudi Perry passed away unexpectedly in October 2017 and left a big void in my heart and in the gallery. His place was taken by his sister Ofra, who also, as her brother, loves art and sees the fulfillment of the gallery’s activities and goals as a continuation of the work of her uncle Perry, her brother.

Gallery staff

Gallery owners: Hagit Ben Ami and Ofra Avrahami
Curator: John Herson
Director of Marketing, Advertising and Production: Rani tal